About The Academy

We power our community to drive health forward.​

Since 1998, The Academy has cultivated the premier community of influential changemakers in healthcare. Our members are aligned around a common goal of improving health for all, and a core belief that partnership will accelerate progress.

We power our members by building our community and fostering connections through executive peer learning. We support professional growth through talent and development. We accelerate understanding by delivering timely and actionable data and insights on key challenges. And we catalyze transformation by building alliances in areas where the power of the collective is greater than the power of one.


Join the Community

Leading Health System Exclusivity

Academy welcomes members from the approximately 150 Leading Health Systems with over $2B in total operating revenue

Executive Leadership Focus

The Academy programs engage only CXOs and the most senior healthcare leaders.

Intimate Community

The Academy creates a trusted space for meaningful discourse, where members drive the conversation.

Partnership Focus

The Academy believes the most productive partnerships occur when members rise above commerce and develop deep understanding and connection.

Our History

As hospitals consolidated into large health systems, rising executives asked for support navigating the new complexity of their businesses

In response, The Academy was established in 1998. We supported them with a Chief Medical Officer forum, and quickly expanded to more peer groups

The Academy opened its doors to innovative industry partners whose engagement was essential for driving meaningful progress

The Academy continued to expand its community, developing over 26 peer groups, 6 unique leadership development programs, an extensive research platform and 3 targeted alliances

Looking forward, The Academy will work to power our community by leveraging our unique platform to drive health forward

Our Leadership Team

Renee DeSilva

Renee DeSilva

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Lanier


Jonathan Cronin

Chief Financial Officer

Anne Hahn

Chief Member Officer

Caroline Allen

Senior Vice President, Educational Services

Brian Contos

Senior Vice President, Research and Member Insights

Matt Gunther

Senior Vice President, Strategy

Kyle Rose

Senior Vice President, New Product Development

Dave Willis

Senior Vice President, Center for Transformation

Sara Davies

Head of People and Culture

Corey Aferiat

Chief of Staff & Executive Director, Communications

Iain Atkinson

Managing Director, Member Development

Stephanie Bernardes

Senior Director, Health Policy & Strategy

Robin Brand

Principal, Member Insights

Marissa Fattorini

Managing Director, Member Development

James Garcia

Vice President, Technology Growth

Jenny Guyton

Managing Director, Health System Investments

Jessica Liu

Principal, Strategic Partnership Alliance

Ingrid Lund

Principal, Member Insights

Jasmaine McClain

Principal, Health Equity Alliance

Huy Nguyen

Vice President, IT

Tomi Ogundimu

Executive Director, Research & Advisory

Josh Sackler

Principal, Strategic Partnership Alliance

Allison Wachter

Vice President, Events

Melissa Warnke

Head of Marketing