Top Leading Health System Insights to Guide Your Commercial Strategy in 2024

Academy IQ Live Webinar | November 28, 2pm EST

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Ingrid Lund, Executive Director

The Key Insights and Takeaways From This Webinar

Watch Ingrid Lund’s insightful presentation covering the top health system insights essential for refining your commercial strategy in 2024. Discover how leveraging our Academy IQ research can significantly accelerate your account penetration and enhance the efficiency of your sales pipeline.

Academy IQ can improve your sales pipeline efficiency by:

Helping your company understand the big picture and landscape of large health systems

Building a coalition of support, tapping into the unique drivers of executive personas

Tying your product and messaging to a health system’s strategic priorities and rising spend areas

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Accelerate Commercial Success With Academy IQ

Your products have clear value and differentiation in the market but selling to leading health systems has never been easy. The RFP and sales cycle processes are longer than ever as more health system stake holders are becoming involved in the decision making. When partnering with THMA and Academy IQ you can expect to:

Leading health systems are becoming more selective in their partnerships. Register for the webinar and find out how you can be more successful selling to health systems.


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