CFO Debrief: Mid-Year Edition

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Christopher Link, Sr. Director, Member Insights

Through extensive surveying, research and engagement with CFO executives from the nation’s largest health systems, IQ identified several key themes that CFOs are focusing on this year.

Industry companies selling into leading health systems will learn how to:

With rising costs, dwindling revenue margins and a burdened workforce, health system CFOs’ must continue to evolve their approach to building a sustainable and profitable future; enabling them to focus on what’s most important – patient care. Having the right partners that understand and know how to address their challenges is paramount to supporting CFO strategic priorities.

Healthcare industry CEOs and CFOs who attend this webinar will:

Gain deeper insights into how you can access healthcare industry market intelligence and custom-cohort financial, commercial, R&D, and HR benchmarks to inform executive decision-making and trace customer buying trends across the healthcare solution ecosystem.

Explore a new approach to provide rich, data-driven context for investment decisions and performance targets, both upward to governing bodies and downward to executive and senior leadership teams.

Understand how to tap into a network of CEO and CFO peers – learning from others how to seed, tend, and grow a sustainable, profitable business model across different stages of your organization’s lifecycle.

As CEOs and CFOs across the healthcare industry navigate complex demands from boards, executive teams, and potential customers, Industry Performance Benchmarker (IPB) equips executive leaders with commercial and financial performance intel across industry peers to make smart investment decisions for their organizations.

Join the Industry Performance Benchmarker team for a webinar offering an exclusive opportunity to learn how comparative data from today’s market, cohort-driven analyses and insights, and non-competitive collaborative opportunities will help you tackle the complex challenges facing today’s healthcare industry CEO and CFO.

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