[On-Demand Virtual Briefing] Intro to Academy IQ Masterclass: How Leading Health Systems are Organized and Governed



The Academy IQ Masterclass series offers industry members the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the Leading Health System (LHS) landscape, including typical organization and leadership roles, decision-making dynamics, and broader market pressures they face. 

On May 25th, Academy IQ hosted the second session in a three-part series sharing timely insights and highlights from our top-rated Masterclass series for members. Session two included a 30-minute discussion on how Leading Health Systems are organized and governed. Leading Health Systems include the 150 largest and most innovative integrated delivery networks with a minimum total operating revenue of $2 billion. As these systems continue to grow within a confluence of market changes, industry members must have a deep understanding of what makes LHS unique and how various executive leaders influence strategy and investment decisions.  

During the event, the Academy IQ team: 

  1. Defined the unique characteristics of Leading Health Systems 
  2. Explained how to navigate complex LHS management structures  
  3. Explored traditional and evolving LHS leadership roles 

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June 29th at 1:00 PM EST: Intro to Academy IQ Masterclass: Spotlight on Health System Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). Register here.