[Virtual Briefing] 3 Strategies Leading Health Systems are Using to Address Workforce Challenges



A culmination of recent factors have led Leading Health Systems (LHS) to reexamine how they’re approaching their workforce. Staffing shortages reaching crisis proportions and affecting care delivery, increasingly high labor costs, and the continued ramifications of Covid-19 mean that health system workforce issues are no longer just the responsibility of HR, but are critical to overall strategy. As an industry partner, you have the unique ability to help support and drive LHS workforce strategies. In order to do so you need insights into what those strategies are.

Join us on Wednesday, December 15 from 12-12:30pm ET to learn some of the key ways LHS are addressing workforce issues as part of their overall strategies.

In this session, we’ll focus on how LHS are improving recruitment and retention of today’s workforce including:

  • Expanding proactive recruitment efforts
  • Creating a more supportive workplace
  • Allowing for more job flexibility
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