[On-Demand Briefing] 5 Core Strategies Leading Health Systems Executives are Tackling Right Now


Variable and uneven demand during COVID peaks coupled with competitor proliferation, and the mandate to confront accelerating patient access and cost demands have challenged Leading Health Systems. As they look toward 2022 and push forward on key priorities that are critical to their long-term viability, they are collaborating across departments and leadership ranks and homing in on five core strategies. Your ability to position yourself as a key partner for Leading Health Systems demands that your commercial teams develop a deep understanding of these strategies.

Join us on Thursday, September 23 from 2-3pm ET to gain insight into how Leading Health Systems are pushing forward with their core 2021 priorities.

In this session, we’ll cover 5 core strategies Leading Health Systems are tackling:

  • Accelerating efforts to deliver consumer-centric care
  • Shifting investments away from capital-heavy infrastructure
  • Decreasing dependency on fee-for-service payment
  • Balancing dual workforce challenges – labor shortage and burnout
  • Addressing health equity-within and beyond their 4 walls
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