[On-Demand Briefing] How Leading Health Systems are Harnessing Digital Tools to Drive Patient Loyalty


Leading Health Systems (LHS) have invested in technology to improve the consumer experience and drive patient retention. Now LHS are taking a closer look at their investments to determine how they can consolidate and refine their strategy. Your ability to position yourself as a partner to alleviate some of these pain points and help Leading Health System executives to define and achieve their consumer strategy goals hinges on your commercial teams’ deep understanding of what the ideal outcomes for LHS consumer strategy are.

Register on-demand to tap into insights around where Leading Health System consumer strategies currently sit and what they are hoping to achieve.

In this session, we cover 4 goals Leading Health Systems have in leveraging digital tools for patient loyalty:

  • Streamlining access for patients
  • Obtaining more actionable data to further personalization
  • Leveraging personalized digital wellness tools
  • Incorporating health inequities into digital expansion strategy