[On-Demand Briefing] Leading Health System Budget Forecasts & Investment Strategy


While the pandemic may be easing, Leading Health Systems (LHS) continue to operate on tight margins, with limited capital for investment. They recognize that they must balance budgetary restraint with strategic investments that will grow their business in innovative ways. The Academy regularly talks to Leading Health System executives and recently surveyed Leading Health System CFOs to gather data on their margin and budget forecasts to understand how they’re thinking about future investments. Watch the on-demand briefing to gain insight into how your health system buyers are thinking about their investment strategies for the rest of 2021 and the next calendar year.

This session covers:

  • What LHS are thinking about risk-based payment strategy and what that means for healthcare company partners
  • How building the LHS digital platform fits into larger strategic decisions
  • LHS approaches to operational efficiency and the technologies they are most seeking
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