[On-Demand Virtual Briefing]: Strategist Live: Hospital at Home Partnerships: Where Are We Today and What Lies Ahead?



Surges in the Covid-19 pandemic spurred the rapid deployment of Hospital at Home (HaH) across Leading Health Systems, in large part because it has provided a safe alternative to busy inpatient units and because of CMS’ waiver allowing for reimbursement. However, launching HaH programs isn’t easy; many systems turned to a vendor partner to help streamline logistics and take on part of the financial risk.  

Academy Strategy Catalyst has found that over half of health systems have chosen a vendor partner to help them run their HaH program. Two and a half years later, Academy Strategy Catalyst is exploring how these models and partnership decisions are going and where they might go.  

We had a 30-minute discussion on what we found about the success of vendor co-run and self-run partnerships on volumes and financial longevity. Additionally, we will cover the current state of Hospital at Home partnerships and the paths we anticipate Leading Health Systems will follow in the next few years: 

  • Moving Hospital at Home in-house if they have previously worked with a partner 
  • Shifting the vendor to a logistics-only role 
  • Considering new markets and service line with their partners 
  • Doubling up with multiple vendors to meet different needs 
  • Open questions surrounding future reimbursement models, staffing and resources, and technology and platform integration still present a challenge for many health systems. Moreover, regardless of the expiration or continuation of the CMS waiver, private payer reimbursement will likely determine the long-term sustainability of these programs. 

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