[On-Demand Webinar] Digital Health Strategy: A Post-Pandemic Audit of Progress Made and Challenges Remaining for Leading Health Systems


Covid-19 accelerated Leading Health Systems’ digital strategy efforts. Collectively, they made giant leaps forward on governance, technology investments, workflow changes, and human capital investments for digital health. But as they pull out of the pandemic, there is still much to do toward long term sustainability and meeting strategic goals.

Register to access the on-demand webinar and hear from Ingrid Lund, PhD, Principal of Member Insights at The Academy to unpack the lessons learned amid the pandemic, obstacles that remain, and data on areas in which leading health systems expect the greatest impact from virtual health, along with what these developments mean for healthcare industry partners.

The webinar will dive into and work to answer tough questions facing Leading Health Systems across three pillars – strategy and vision, technology implementation, and human capital & workflow. For each pillar, we will explore the progress made and challenges faced by leading health systems and discuss how industry partners can position their strategy to capitalize on progress and address challenges.