[On-Demand Webinar] What’s Driving Health System IT Leader Priorities in 2021


Amid unprecedented challenges, leading health systems have accelerated their transformation efforts, demanding more from the IT enterprise to enable digital health, integrate platforms across the system, address interoperability and patient access, and protect information.

How do these shifting priorities impact your solution roadmap or partnership strategy with these leading health systems? Hear from Brian Contos, General Manager of Member Insights, James Garcia, Vice President of Healthcare Technology Programs, and Aisha Sylvain, Senior Director at the Academy, about how IT leaders (CIOs, CISOs, CNIOs, and CMIOs) are setting 2021 priorities. These firsthand insights, cultivated from The Academy’s personal executive relationships and proprietary survey data, will also include an understanding on how IT focus areas fit with the broader C-suite priorities, along with executives’ perceived performance relative to their goals.