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Health Market IQ: Your Partner in Health System Market Research for Success

Unpredictable market conditions and slower sales cycles continue to threaten sales in health systems which could result in missed sales goals for your company. You can cross the finish line on your own, but could you move the needle faster with the right partner?

Selling to health systems is challenging – and it’s getting harder. Without the critical combination of insights, intelligence, and training, your talented sales teams can fail, even if they have the latest innovations and technology.

Health Market IQ offers numerous solutions through deep market research and convening opportunities with C-suite health system leaders that help industry sellers find commercial success.

Bringing Industry Partners and Health Systems Together

Empowering Sales Heads to Penetrate Health Systems

Navigating sales for health system executive buyers includes many nuances that can branch into a wide variety of challenges. The world of health system sales is an ever-changing environment that requires adaptation.

Not only does Health Market IQ offer the health system and buyer insights you need, but the program helps sales executives strategically navigate and optimize complex buying processes.

Some of our primary offerings include:

Executive Insider Digests: Tailored guidance offering deep insights and practical steps for health system engagement.

Quarterly Market Pulse: Webinars with coverage on major development across health system initiatives.

Interactive Workshops: Make use of actionable intelligence to explain market trends and help align product-market fit.

On-Demand Resource Hub: Supports by providing masterclass curriculum and persona snapshots for target health system decision makers.

Health Market ensures you eliminate slow sales cycles and dwindling ROI by accelerating your health system sales. You can improve ROI through vital insights, training, and intelligence that you can use to your advantage in the health systems market.

Sales Enablement for Winning in Today's Healthcare Environment

To become a successful partner in health system sales, you need the right tools and information. From lead sales executives to those who work underneath them, we offer a full-fledged sales system that includes the three strategies you need to win in an unpredictable market.

Timely Market and Buyer Insights

We provide timely intelligence on challenges, priorities, and market forces affecting Health Systems. You'll also receive a thorough breakdown of decision drivers for C-Suite executives to equip your team with a deep understanding of their goals and challenges.

Solution Mapping & Differentiation

We guide sales executives and their teams in tailoring pitches to resonate with various health systems' top priorities. Additionally, we offer support in refining and aligning existing ROI models with messaging that appeals to executives.

Strategic Account Planning

We engage in an in-depth exploration of unique executive and institutional priorities, providing comprehensive insights that accurately identify and elucidate refined strategies for effective engagement with essential stakeholders.

Powering Health System Sales Wins

Fostering Profitable Partnerships in the Health Systems Market

From providers focused on selling medical devices to IT infrastructure for health systems, our services offer many benefits to multiple angles of the health systems market. Healthcare Market IQ is proud to work with over 50 health systems, including:

Who is The Health Management Academy?

For the past 25 years, The Health Management Academy has been hard at work supporting changemakers throughout many aspects of the healthcare industry. We empower dedicated professionals in health to make their ideas become a reality while giving them the tools they need to succeed in the foreseeable future.

What makes our approach unique is our focus on executive leadership, partnership, community, and health system exclusivity. Our tools and educational material can be adapted to many angles of the healthcare industry, and we have a long track record to prove it. Overall, we are here to power our community to drive health forward.

Start Closing More Health System Deals

While the health systems market is known to fluctuate, your sales and ROI don’t have to struggle because of it. Consider working with Health Market IQ to find commercial success with health system sales and effectively navigate market shifts.