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Mobilizing Research to Advance Your Strategy

Leveraging our unique partnership with the top Leading Health System (LHS) executives, our custom research offering delivers proprietary insights and co-branded thought leadership centered on integrated delivery system operations and decision making. Our team looks forward to producing LHS focused research that accelerates your strategy and appropriately positions your value.

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Tackling Your Jobs-to-be-Done
Test Product/Market Fit

What tangible needs exist in the LHS market that would be solved by a product in development?

Segment the Market

Which segments of the LHS market are in the most need of your expertise and what segment of LHS would be open to pursuing partnership opportunities?

Understand the Customer Journey

In a low-touch economy, what is the virtual customer experience that will enable partnerships with LHS?

Target Product Messaging

How can your organization effectively position its services (pre-or post-launch) to address the evolving needs of the LHS market?

Enhance Brand Reputation

Where can your organization align the brand with solving key LHS pain-points using thought leadership content that positions your organization as a trusted advisor?

Why The Academy?

Gain credibility

across the critical Leading Health System provider market

Get candid and nuanced market feedback

on your priorities, strategic direction, and messaging

Align your brand

with high-profile priorities, perspectives, and learnings for optimized executive interactions

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The Future of Integrated Virtual Care: Closing the Gap to Goal

As healthcare consumer expectations continue to evolve and health systems grapple with how to provide more personal and holistic care across diverse settings, the role of virtual care is shifting from a nice-to-have to a must-do. In a recent survey, Leading Health System (LHS) executives agreed with 93% reporting they plan to grow most or all of their virtual health offerings in the foreseeable future.

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