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Nursing Catalyst: Solutions for Nurse Executives and Health System CNE Convening

Chief Nurse Executives are cornerstones of the healthcare system itself. From managing staff to the needs of an endless list of doctors and patients, it can be tough to handle it all. Innovation in nursing is a hot topic right now; however, nurses face many challenges trying to make a positive change. With the help of Nursing Catalyst, nurse leaders can effectively navigate disruptive solutions throughout the industry.

Helping Nurse Leaders Revolutionize Healthcare

Aimed at fostering partnerships with system Chief Nursing Executives (CNEs), Nursing Catalyst provides timely and professional insight to navigate strategic and disruptive solutions in nursing and healthcare, helping nurse leaders reshape their industry for the better.

Core benefits behind the Nursing Catalyst program include

Access to tools and insights that are created for immediate application

Protected time and space to design effective solutions to system challenges

Consolidated research is provided to help gain executive support

Engaging networking opportunities and cross-system conversations to foster innovation

Community of nurse leaders, pushing positive change for the healthcare industry.

Nurse executives must be at the forefront of the innovation that changes the industry

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Percent of RNs reporting
decreased satisfaction with their jobs.
Number of RN vacancies
compared to 2019
10 %
First year RN turnover rate
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Cost to replace one RN


Percent of RNs reporting decreased
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First year RN turnover rate


Number of RN vacancies
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Cost to replace one RN

Breaking Down Barriers with Disruptive Solutions

Nursing Catalyst helps nurse executives make a difference across their health system by reimagining the solutions that transform care model delivery and design.

Staff retention

Many Chief Nursing Executives are struggling with staff retention, and it stems from many different reasons. This results in burnout, stress, and insufficient staffing levels, leading to overworked nursing staff.

Rescoping the nurse manager role

From balancing administrative duties to inconsistent leadership styles among the workforce, role structure could use some improvement. Nursing Catalyst tackles this pain point while offering tools nurse managers can use in their careers moving forward.

Staff burnout

When it comes to the healthcare industry, no group tends to understand burnout more than nurses do. Excessive burnout discourages excellent care, and Nursing Catalyst shows nurse leaders exactly how to manage it across the board.

Employee engagement

There's a natural level of stress that comes with being a nurse, but this can have a negative effect on employee engagement. With the right approach, nursing executives can keep their teams engaged on a consistent basis.

The Nursing Catalyst Impact

The Nursing Catalyst program is comprised of health system Chief Nurse Executives, site Chief Nursing Officers, and Nurse Managers, with a shared goal of addressing the biggest challenges to the nursing enterprise through collective problem-solving.

Based on The Health Management Academy’s proven track record of engaging nurses at all levels of leadership, the Nursing Catalyst program accelerates innovation by supporting nurse leaders as they pilot innovations in their own units, and by providing executive-level research and idea-sharing to develop disruptive solutions to nursing enterprise challenges.

Anne Herleth, Managing Director,
Nursing Catalyst

Build a System-Wide Innovation Strategy

Nursing Catalyst delivers comprehensive support on multiple aspects of the healthcare industry. Members are bound to benefit from beginning to end as they’ll be able to incorporate the insights they learn for the rest of their careers.

Notable benefits that can be directly applied to the nursing enterprise include:

Distributed R&D risk, reducing the cost of individual failure

Support to bring new ideas to the industry in a quicker timeframe

Leadership development and value-generating peer networking

Guidance on strategic planning, no matter the current state of your career

Our approach comes from research-backed strategies delivered by those who understand the needs of the nursing industry just as well as you do.

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Elevating Healthcare Together

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of developing partnerships with some of the most esteemed health systems in the industry. Many of which have been innovation leaders in nursing on many different fronts. We’re proud to say they’ve been able to do so in part by making use of what Nursing Catalyst brings to the table.

Who is The Health Management Academy?

For the past 25 years, The Health Management Academy has been hard at work supporting changemakers throughout many aspects of the healthcare industry. We empower dedicated professionals in health to make their ideas become a reality while giving them the tools they need to succeed in the foreseeable future.

What makes our approach unique is our focus on executive leadership, partnership, community, and health system exclusivity. Our tools and educational material can be adapted to many angles of the healthcare industry, and we have a long track record to prove it. Overall, we are here to power our community to drive health forward.

Start Your Journey with Nursing Catalyst

With Nursing Catalyst, you can support innovation in nursing and be better equipped to navigate your career, employees, and innovative ideas with each passing day. Reach out to us today; we’d love to meet you.