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Reimagining Nurse Manager Span of Control: A Modern Tool for CNEs and CNOs to Help Guide System Investments

The average nurse manager has over 24 hours of work for every eight-hour shift. Nursing Catalyst Managing Director, Anne Herleth, will share a new nurse manager span-of-control tool and how you can participate in enterprise-changing data collection.

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This groundbreaking tool measures workload on 20 weighted variables and takes just 15 minutes for nurse managers to complete.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn about tool development, understand the elements of workload disproportionately contributing to overload, and hear about how to participate in national data collection. 

Data collection will be open until December 1. All participating organizations will receive a benchmark report in early 2024. Nursing Catalyst members will receive an organization-specific report outlining how your nurse managers’ span-of-control compares to the national average.

What is Nursing Catalyst? Disrupting Traditional Nursing Through Transformative Research and Events

The Health Management Academy’s Nursing Catalyst program equips nurse leaders with insights to navigate strategic, disruptive solutions to enterprise challenges that powerfully reimagine the field of nursing. Our programs provide you with consolidated research and proof points needed to gain executive-level buy-in and improve the operational efficiency of your health system.

Nursing Catalyst combines novel insights with practical tools for immediate application. Our members lead their organizations to successful outcomes through participation in dynamic, cross-system conversations and networking opportunities that alter tomorrow’s field of nursing.

Through Nursing Catalyst, The Health Management Academy partners with nurse leaders as together, we revolutionize the nursing paradigm and nurture a community that is ready for real change, actionable insights, and radical results in nursing.


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