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Season 4 Trailer: Welcome Back to The Table

Featuring Renee DeSilva

Episode Description

In Season 4, Renee DeSilva invites you back to The Table, a podcast brought to you by The Health Management Academy. This year, we’ll serve up new perspectives on the healthcare issues that matter, featuring a diverse slate of CEOs and executives from across the industry. We believe if the right leaders have a seat at The Table, relationships thrive, and real change is possible.

About Our Guest

Renee DeSilva, Host of The Table & CEO of The Health Management Academy

With more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Renee DeSilva is a sought-after speaker, moderator, panelist and host. Informed by The Academy’s more than 65 annual events featuring c-suite healthcare decision-makers and innovators, she has unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.


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Renee DeSilva 0:02

Hey everybody, I’m excited to welcome you back to The Table with Renee DeSilva! This podcast is brought to you by The Health Management Academy, the company that I have the pleasure of leading.

If you’re new at my Table for 2023, here’s what to expect.

Twice a month, I’ll bring you new perspectives on the key issues in healthcare, featuring leaders from across the industry. You’ll hear from senior executives at both Leading Health Systems and innovative industry companies.

At The Health Management Academy, we believe if you bring the right leaders together, relationships thrive, and real change is possible. The same is true on this podcast, where I broaden who is at the Table and amplify important voices and learnings.

This season, we’ll continue to cover the future of healthcare through the lens of health system transformation and disruptive technology. You’ll also hear a number of CEOs share their leadership lessons that endure and how they’re empowering the next generation of leaders.

So, I hope that you’re as excited as I am for the upcoming season. You can find new episodes where you’re listening to this trailer now, or on your favorite podcast platform. And if you’ve enjoyed these past conversations, leave us a review and drop us a five star rating. I look forward to having you at my Table soon!