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Current Board News: Future of Healthcare

Nurse Leadership Challenges in 2024 and What It Means for Nurse Leaders

Nursing, a cornerstone of healthcare, finds itself at a crucial juncture demanding a paradigm shift to address the challenges it is facing. This year promises to be pivotal, with nurse leaders confronting challenges simultaneously: Ongoing health system financial constraints Persistent workforce instability Regulatory ambiguity around mandated staffing ratios As we navigate these important issues, it […]

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Health Equity Alliance: Top Health Equity Trends in 2023

DEI Leaders – the Health Equity Alliance, a consortium fostering scalable solution acceleration and crucial leadership activation, is giving health equity leaders the opportunity to learn more about how health systems are prioritizing the following efforts across 2023. Featured speaker, Corey Smith, Director of Health Equity for Corewell Health, will share insights and key takeaways […]

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What Is Your Bold Prediction for Healthcare in 2030?

Bold predictions for the next decade in healthcare We asked members of our #Horizon2030 CEO Summit how their organizations are preparing for the next decade of change. In this video interview, you’ll hear from: Dennis Pullin, President & CEO, Virtua Health Angela Hwang, Group President, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group Clay Holderman, President & CEO, UnityPoint Health […]

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Horizon 2030: Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Global & Local Forces Defining the World in Which We Live As provider health systems look toward the next decade, much of the trajectory of healthcare will be defined by broaderĀ global forcesĀ that will shape the way we work and live. These global forces, either independently or collectively, will influence healthcare and the next decade of […]

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Podcast: Augmenting Clinical Care and the Workforce with AI

Horizon 2030: The Evolution of Consumer Expectations

As the healthcare landscape changes, Leading Health Systems (LHS) will have to redesign and optimize their care delivery strategies and ways of working to keep up with key trends as consumer expectations continue to emphasize flexibility and access. Key themes that will define the next decade of changing consumer expectations that LHS will need to […]

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Horizon 2030: What Does the Next Decade of Digitization Look Like?

As technology rapidly evolves and the normalization of digital healthcare expands, Leading Health Systems (LHS) will have to redesign and optimize their strategies and ways of working to thoroughly incorporate digital health modalities. Key themes that will define the next decade of digitization for LHS include: 1. A digital front door strategy will allow integration […]

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