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An Inside Look at How Health Systems Can Scale Virtual Nursing


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In the past five years, hospitals have turned over 101.4% of their RN workforce. 

Virtual Nursing (VRN) pilots have become an effective means for staff engagement and retention, improved quality outcomes and overall reduction in nurse burnout. As health systems move beyond the pilot stage and push towards financial ROI on VRN, scaling these programs becomes essential.

The challenge is no two VRN programs are alike.

The Health Management Academy invites you to join a debrief with Anne Herleth, Managing Director of Nursing Catalyst, and Lauren Rewers, Research Director of Nursing Catalyst, on how high-performing health systems, such as Mayo Clinic and UT Southwestern, have successfully scaled VRN programs.

By joining, you can expect to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the differences between effectively scaled VRN programs
  • Learn important nuances that help determine meaningful ROI for your system
  • Get the latest insights that power positive ROI inflection through VRN programs

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