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On-Demand Briefing: Tips for Selling in an Economic Downturn


Webinar: Essential Tips for Selling to Leading Health Systems in an Economic Downturn

Our latest Academy IQ webinar is free to download for all, at no cost.

Leading Health Systems (LHS) are facing once-in-a-generation margin pressures caused by runaway inflation, labor shortages, and decreased demand for services. They have no choice but to dial back spending – which stands in stark contrast to one year ago. Still, they realize their strategy needs to “see through” the downturn in critical areas, which warrant continued investment. However, unsurprisingly, they are scrutinizing spend with existing and new industry partners, adopting a more stringent ROI filter. Prospective solutions must move the dial on cost and/or revenue, while also improving clinical care delivery and consumer strategy where appropriate. To stand out from the competition and secure a long-term relationship, industry partners must sharpen their pitch and pursue more flexible, innovative partnerships.

 Watch this recording of the Academy IQ webinar to:

  • Understand short term financial pressures LHS are experiencing in 2022 as well as insights into specific executives’ top longer-term priorities
  • Learn which categories LHS CFOs are prioritizing for increasing and decreasing investment
  • Gain insight into how best to structure the goals, financial incentives, and components of your partnerships to better align with LHS priorities

This recording is free to you and members of your sales and marketing teams.