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On-Demand Briefing: Virtual Care Post-Pandemic – What Stays & What Goes?


Webinar: Strategist Live: Virtual Care Post-Pandemic: What Stays and What Goes?

Our latest Academy Strategy Catalyst webinar is open to all, at no cost.

COVID-19 upended what we knew about the market potential of telehealth. Several years later, we find ourselves reaching a baseline of post-COVID telehealth utilization. Should we expect this baseline to continue? The answer is probably not. Most Leading Health Systems (LHS) believe a broader proportion of care will be virtual by 2030.

Academy Strategy Catalyst hosted a webinar to share the latest insights on where we are today in virtual care and what lies ahead.

Notably, while enterprise-wide implementation has been challenging, 93% of LHS reveal plans to continue to grow most or all of their virtual offerings now and into the future. Our researchers will discuss “The Path to 30%” and the three major barriers to telehealth and virtual care that may hinder LHS progress toward this goal.

Additionally, viewers can expect to hear more about:

  • Details on $250B in spend that could be virtually enabled
  • Policy implications due to the extension of telehealth reimbursements
  • Growing concerns among clinicians about the effectiveness of telehealth

This event is free to download for you and members of your strategy team.

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