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Nursing Catalyst: Workforce Retention Strategy


Nursing Catalyst Virtual Q & A: Workforce Retention Strategies That Work

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Nurse leaders would agree—we need to rethink how we approach retention because the same old strategies aren’t working.

Forty percent of RNs report decreased satisfaction with their jobs, and it costs health systems approximately $52,000 to replace one RN.

In a first-of-its-kind study, Nursing Catalyst re-examined the “forces of magnetism” leading to med/surg units experiencing turnover as low as 2% and the retention strategies behind these metrics.

As you drive your system toward new approaches, the Nursing Catalyst team invites you to watch a virtual Q&A on workforce retention strategies.

“Nursing Catalyst Virtual Q & A: Workforce Retention Strategies That Work” examines the effectiveness of traditional retention strategies and how leaders should be approaching workforce retention today.

Nurse leaders will get the latest insights on:

  • Why staffing levels are a non-negotiable for low turnover units
  • Where exceptional managers are found day-to-day
  • How nurse leaders can deliver on emerging retention imperatives
  • What comprises a strong foundation of unit leadership

Nurse leaders interested in learning more about where to make valuable investments in workforce retention and how to define successful retention for their organization should register to watch.

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