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Nursing Strategy On-Demand Briefing: How “Unicorn Units” Retain Nurses


Webinar: Nursing Strategy Briefing: How “Unicorn Units” Retain Nurses 

Our latest Academy Nursing Catalyst webinar is free to download for all, at no cost.

As average nursing turnover reaches unsustainable peaks, outlier med-surg units have been able to sustain, or even decrease, their pre-pandemic turnover. These “unicorn units” are reporting  turnover rates as low as two percent—eschewing conventional responses to workforce retention which have proven insufficient.

Academy Nursing Catalyst experts took a closer look at several “unicorn med-surg units” identified by Academy Nursing Catalyst CNE members. The discussion included key findings from our analysis of these units, such as:

  • Shifting RN retention levers —and what new ones do systems need to prioritize
  • Which best practice retention strategies may be outdated
  • How unit and system leaders can inflect RN retention today

This recording is free to download and is open to nursing leaders at your organization.