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Nursing Strategy Briefing: Scaling Investment in Virtual Nursing


Webinar: Nursing Strategy Briefing: Scaling Investment in Virtual Nursing  

Our latest Academy Nursing Catalyst webinar is open to all, at no cost.

Virtual nursing is an increasingly popular approach for addressing workforce challenges, but across health systems, implementation models—and investment costs—vary widely. So too do outcomes, raising questions about the right long-term goals and the potential for ROI as programs scale beyond pilots.

The Academy’s Nursing Catalyst program creates a space for Leading Health System Chief Nursing Officers and their teams to collectively explore and rapidly advance innovation in nurse staffing models and disruptive technology. Through research-backed, collaborative engagement at both the executive and frontline leadership levels, Nursing Catalyst is designed to accelerate decision-making around strategic investments; surface new ideas for solving common challenges; and increase nursing leaders’ ability to respond with confidence at a time of major change within the profession.

Join us on December 6, 2022, at 12:00 PM EST for a facilitated conversation on virtual nursing. The session will:

  • Describe different models for implementing and resourcing virtual nursing
  • Discuss the potential for virtual nursing to achieve a meaningful shift in bedside staffing ratios
  • Explore how varying program goals may influence long-term financial viability as virtual nursing programs scale beyond the pilot stage

This event is open to all Leading Health System nursing leadership teams. Have questions or already have a pilot underway that you’d like our team to include? Contact

We look forward to seeing you virtually on December 6th!

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