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On-Demand Briefing: From Digital Front Door to Digital Foundation – Part I


Webinar: From Digital Front Door to Digital Foundation Part I

Our latest Academy Strategy Catalyst webinar is free to download for all, at no cost.

Digital Front Door (DFD) took hold in the market as a term to describe the tools and solutions health systems were implementing to largely improve patient access. At the nexus of consumerism and digital strategy, DFD efforts are expanding, so much so that the “front door” is no longer a sufficient description. As virtual and hybrid care journeys are more frequently deployed, and digitization efforts move well beyond access, strategy leaders are now faced with the challenge of deploying a digital foundation underlying all patient experiences.

Academy Strategy Catalyst hosted Part I of a discussion on DFD, including survey data illustrating where health systems are today, and where they must go to deliver an engaging patient experience—one that results in adherence to care and loyalty to the system.

New strategies must focus on integration, personalization, and automation, and be deployed within a health care market characterized by inflation and workforce shortages. Please join us for this robust discussion and prepare to ask our experts questions relevant to your system’s organizational priorities.

This event is free and open for your team to download.