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Strategy Catalyst: Shifting Margin Pools


Shifting Margin Pools: Who is Making Margin Today?


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Projected operating margins for leading health systems are expected to decline from -0.8% to -1.6% in 2023.

Historically safe margin pools for leading health systems have become less stable in the past few years.

Similarly, the Covid pandemic shifted margin pools across the industry, opening profitable business lines while others contracted.

As health systems look to maintain financial sustainability across this shifting landscape, Strategy Catalyst examines who is making margin in healthcare today, how this margin is changing, how profit margins have shifted, and what leaders are doing to tap into these opportunities.

Key Takeaways Will Include:

  • Industry-Wide Pools: Where is growth coming and which segments hold the greatest potential
  • Segment Breakdowns: Where there will be growth within each segment
  • Key Growth Areas: What are the trends to monitor and their impact on health system margin pools

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