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On-Demand Briefing: Align Your Pitch to Health System Value-Based Care Goals

The transition to value-based care has been underway for over a decade, leaving health systems with a “foot in two boats” and highly variable levels of revenue at risk. No two systems are the same, and a one-size-fits all approach for industry partner marketing on value-based care won’t work. Download this Academy IQ webinar on how […]

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Nursing Strategy Briefing: Scaling Investment in Virtual Nursing

Virtual nursing is an increasingly popular approach for addressing workforce challenges, but across health systems, implementation models—and investment costs—vary widely. So too do outcomes, raising questions about the right long-term goals and the potential for ROI as programs scale beyond pilots. The Academy’s Nursing Catalyst program creates a space for Leading Health System Chief Nursing […]

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On-Demand Briefing: Virtual Care Post-Pandemic – What Stays & What Goes?

COVID-19 upended what we knew about the market potential of telehealth. Several years later, we find ourselves reaching a baseline of post-COVID telehealth utilization. Should we expect this baseline to continue? The answer is probably not. Most Leading Health Systems (LHS) believe a broader proportion of care will be virtual by 2030. Academy Strategy Catalyst […]

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Briefing: Chief Strategy Officer Priorities and Planning

Chief Strategy Officers (CSO) oversee business development and drive growth through build, buy, and partnership pathways. Consumerism, along with workforce, continues to dominate CSO priorities in 2022.  As Leading Health Systems (LHS) face intense margin pressures and seek to diversify revenue streams, CSOs remain committed to actualizing the strategic imperatives of their organizations through intentional […]

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Briefing: Leading Health System’s Digital Front Door Strategy

Despite widespread implementation, digital front door capabilities across Leading Health Systems (LHS) are far from mature, leaving significant opportunity to improve utilization and improve the patient journey. Academy Strategy Catalyst hosted a webinar on October 27, 2022 for a deep dive on LHS executive priorities pertaining to their system’s digital front door. Based on proprietary survey […]

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From Disruptors to Care Delivery: The 3 Areas CSOs Are Eager to Address

Strategy Catalyst Uncovers: What’s Keeping CSOs Up at Night? Here’s a snapshot of the conversation: 1.     New Sources of Revenue – Spotlight on Data Assets “For an organization our size, how can we scale up and do that type of work? Who are our logical partners?” Facing increased costs and revenue pressure (including hits to their […]

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