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Modernizing Clinical Workflows: The IT Leader’s Underleveraged Opportunity to Reduce Clinician Burnout

Clinician burnout is an IT leader’s concern After years of navigating the many and varied challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians are burned out. If you work in health care, you already know this and have read articles detailing just how dire the situation is. And while clinician burnout is undoubtedly a top priority for […]

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Nursing Strategy On-Demand Briefing: How “Unicorn Units” Retain Nurses

As average nursing turnover reaches unsustainable peaks, outlier med-surg units have been able to sustain, or even decrease, their pre-pandemic turnover. These “unicorn units” are reporting  turnover rates as low as two percent—eschewing conventional responses to workforce retention which have proven insufficient. Academy Nursing Catalyst experts took a closer look at several “unicorn med-surg units” […]

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Virtual Briefing: Spotlight on Payvider Strategy

For the past few years, payers have been rapidly adopting the Optum playbook: acquiring provider assets to diversify and grow revenue. Today, payers (along with private equity) now employ more physician practices than hospitals. The acquisition of care delivery assets and continued vertical integration has transformed these insurers into “payviders.” According to our models, the […]

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Leadership Development Programs Call for Nominations

The Academy GE Fellows Program, The Academy AWS Technology Fellows Program, and The Physician Leadership Program help organizations build leadership depth through a responsive curriculum informed by top-of-mind Leading Health System (LHS) C-suite executive priorities. The Academy GE Fellows Program: a two-year program for administrative, financial, nurse and/or physician executives who are one to three steps away from filling a corporate […]

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On-Demand Briefing: From Digital Front Door to Digital Foundation – Part I

Digital Front Door (DFD) took hold in the market as a term to describe the tools and solutions health systems were implementing to largely improve patient access. At the nexus of consumerism and digital strategy, DFD efforts are expanding, so much so that the “front door” is no longer a sufficient description. As virtual and […]

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On-Demand Briefing: Virtual Care Post-Pandemic – What Stays & What Goes?

COVID-19 upended what we knew about the market potential of telehealth. Several years later, we find ourselves reaching a baseline of post-COVID telehealth utilization. Should we expect this baseline to continue? The answer is probably not. Most Leading Health Systems (LHS) believe a broader proportion of care will be virtual by 2030. Academy Strategy Catalyst […]

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What Is Your Bold Prediction for Healthcare in 2030?

Bold predictions for the next decade in healthcare We asked members of our #Horizon2030 CEO Summit how their organizations are preparing for the next decade of change. In this video interview, you’ll hear from: Dennis Pullin, President & CEO, Virtua Health Angela Hwang, Group President, Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group Clay Holderman, President & CEO, UnityPoint Health […]

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Podcast: Attracting and Retaining Talent During the ‘Great Reimagining’

The Future of Integrated Virtual Care: Closing the Gap to Goal

From Disruptors to Care Delivery: The 3 Areas CSOs Are Eager to Address

Our Strategy Catalyst team recently convened a group of Leading Health System (LHS) chief strategy officers (CSOs) to discuss the topics that keep them up at night. Here’s a snapshot of the conversation: 1.     New Sources of Revenue – Spotlight on Data Assets “For an organization our size, how can we scale up and do that type of […]

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