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What are Chief Nursing and Human Resource Officers Prioritizing in 2023?

As we all know, rising costs coupled with slowing revenue are resulting in operating margin challenges for health systems. These headwinds are expected to prevail in 2023, impacting health systems’ ability to grow. Recently, The Academy held three days of strategic forum discussions with CNOs and CHROs from Leading Health Systems to discuss these challenges […]

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Leadership Development Programs Call for Nominations

The Academy GE Fellows Program, The Academy AWS Technology Fellows Program, and The Physician Leadership Program help organizations build leadership depth through a responsive curriculum informed by top-of-mind Leading Health System (LHS) C-suite executive priorities. The Academy GE Fellows Program: a two-year program for administrative, financial, nurse and/or physician executives who are one to three steps away from filling a corporate […]

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How Governance Can Make or Break AI’s Promise in Healthcare

AI-enabled technology solutions hold the promise of transforming health care, from operations to clinical care delivery, including applications that could help alleviate workforce shortages and burnout and deliver more accurate and timely clinical diagnoses and treatments. The possibilities are endless. But a lack of strong governance is making it difficult for health systems to advance […]

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From Disruptors to Care Delivery: The 3 Areas CSOs Are Eager to Address

Our Strategy Catalyst team recently convened a group of Leading Health System (LHS) chief strategy officers (CSOs) to discuss the topics that keep them up at night. Here’s a snapshot of the conversation: 1.     New Sources of Revenue – Spotlight on Data Assets “For an organization our size, how can we scale up and do that type of […]

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The Academy Advisors Comment Letter: 2023 IPPS Proposed Rule

Horizon 2030: Trends Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Global & Local Forces Defining the World in Which We Live As provider health systems look toward the next decade, much of the trajectory of healthcare will be defined by broader global forces that will shape the way we work and live. These global forces, either independently or collectively, will influence healthcare and the next decade of […]

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What Leading Health Systems Wish Industry Partners Knew: Part 1

Before Engaging, Do Your Homework Tip #1: Understand the healthcare industry Healthcare is a large and highly complex industry, with unique economics, market pressures, and stakeholder incentives that affect how Leading Health Systems (LHS) operate and invest. As a potential industry partner, make sure you understand: The breadth and depth of the major players in […]

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What Leading Health Systems Wish Industry Partners Knew: Part 2

Focus on Lasting Relationships, Not Short-Term Sales Targets Tip #1: Play the long game LHS are large, complex, multi-billion-dollar organizations. Although this can make them harder to approach, it also means the potential for bigger deals once you’re in the door. To increase your odds of success: Build a broad relationship network. Even with homework, it […]

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What Leading Health Systems Wish Industry Partners Knew: Part 3

Tell a Compelling Story Tip #1: Make your materials stand out in a crowded field LHS executives are inundated with pitches from industry companies – often, hundreds a year. To cut through the noise, take the following steps: Start your pitch rooted in the environment of your listener, not by talking about your company. Paint a […]

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Horizon 2030: The Evolution of Consumer Expectations

As the healthcare landscape changes, Leading Health Systems (LHS) will have to redesign and optimize their care delivery strategies and ways of working to keep up with key trends as consumer expectations continue to emphasize flexibility and access. Key themes that will define the next decade of changing consumer expectations that LHS will need to […]

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