Nurse Manager Burnout: Insights from Advocate Midwest’s Nurse Executive

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In December 2023, The Health Management Academy’s Nursing Catalyst team collected data from more than 1,700 nurse managers on the variables leading to overwork, overwhelm, and burnout using a groundbreaking new span-of-control tool called Nursing Catalyst Span-of-Control Tool for Frontline Clinical Leaders™.

Join us for an exclusive event featuring Chief Nurse Executive, Jane Dus, Advocate Midwest, on how nurse executives at health systems across the U.S. are leveraging data from this national benchmarking survey to rescope all levels of nursing leadership, rightsize headcount, and re-align leaders with system nursing priorities.

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Nearly 1,000 nurse leaders have accessed Nursing Catalyst’s span-of-control insights, and more are requesting the information that will be delivered during this webinar every day. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a lasting impact on your health system. Register now for the latest span-of-control insights and for a deeper understanding of how system-specific insights will benefit you.

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