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Modernizing Clinical Workflows: The IT Leader’s Underleveraged Opportunity to Reduce Clinician Burnout

Clinician burnout is an IT leader’s concern After years of navigating the many and varied challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians are burned out. If you work in health care, you already know this and have read articles detailing just how dire the situation is. And while clinician burnout is undoubtedly a top priority for […]

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Nursing Strategy On-Demand Briefing: How “Unicorn Units” Retain Nurses

As average nursing turnover reaches unsustainable peaks, outlier med-surg units have been able to sustain, or even decrease, their pre-pandemic turnover. These “unicorn units” are reporting  turnover rates as low as two percent—eschewing conventional responses to workforce retention which have proven insufficient. Academy Nursing Catalyst experts took a closer look at several “unicorn med-surg units” […]

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Making Culture Concrete: Your Foundation for a Healthy Hybrid Workforce

  In our previous article, we discussed the need for a remote work strategy and outlined the key steps to develop a robust strategy. Of the four steps, health system executives repeatedly identify culture as particularly challenging to get right. And we get it. Culture can seem like an elusive and slippery idea. But let’s […]

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Remote Work is Here to Stay: Develop Your Strategy Now

  Two-thirds of full-time U.S. workers report they would immediately start looking for a new job with flexibility if their ability to work from home was taken away—and 39% would quit.1 Clearly, based on this data and other sources, remote work is here to stay. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the move to remote work for […]

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Communication: The Key to Maximizing Your Total Rewards Investment

  In our first article in this series, we talked about building your total rewards strategy. Now, let’s dig into some questions to gut-check whether it is working: Are your employees consistently maximizing the benefits available to them? Are your employees and broader community recognizing your organization’s investments in employee benefits? Is your total rewards […]

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Total Rewards: Your Untapped Strategy for Workforce Engagement & Retention

Healthcare’s labor market has never been more challenging. Thoughtful investment in a total rewards strategy is an often overlooked, underutilized way to address your workforce engagement and retention issues. We are all familiar with today’s healthcare challenges. Persistent labor shortages, rising inflation and narrowing margins are crippling health systems’ best efforts to maintain a healthy […]

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What are Chief Nursing and Human Resource Officers Prioritizing in 2023?

As we all know, rising costs coupled with slowing revenue are resulting in operating margin challenges for health systems. These headwinds are expected to prevail in 2023, impacting health systems’ ability to grow. Recently, The Academy held three days of strategic forum discussions with CNOs and CHROs from Leading Health Systems to discuss these challenges […]

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Nursing Strategy Briefing: Scaling Investment in Virtual Nursing

Virtual nursing is an increasingly popular approach for addressing workforce challenges, but across health systems, implementation models—and investment costs—vary widely. So too do outcomes, raising questions about the right long-term goals and the potential for ROI as programs scale beyond pilots. The Academy’s Nursing Catalyst program creates a space for Leading Health System Chief Nursing […]

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Podcast: Attracting and Retaining Talent During the ‘Great Reimagining’

Podcast: Augmenting Clinical Care and the Workforce with AI