Why Nurse Managers Are Overworked and What Nurse Executives Can Do About It Part 2

April 24 @ 12 pm ET

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Anne Herleth, Managing Director, Nursing Catalyst

Join the more than 250 nurse leaders across the country who have already benefitted from Nursing Catalyst’s groundbreaking research and insights on nurse manager span-of-control by attending this webinar. 

Gain research-backed insights that illuminate how nurse executives can help nurse managers right size span-of-control, which include:

The Nursing Catalyst Span-of-Control Tool for Frontline Clinical Leaders, a national benchmarking survey of over 1,800 nurse managers, is revolutionizing the nursing enterprise by equipping nurse executives with actionable data to transform their systems beginning at the unit level. 

Attend this webinar for your opportunity to receive the national benchmarking report that is creating positive change across the nursing community.

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