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Nursing Catalyst & AONL Partner to Innovate the Nursing Enterprise

Chief Nursing Executives like you are vital to the industry-wide change needed in healthcare, and it is now more important than ever to unify nurse leaders’ voices, skills, and ideas. Through our partnership with the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL), Nursing Catalyst is generating meaningful solutions that create lasting change by amplifying the voices of nurse leaders across units.

Nurse Retention is Costly, and the Results Add Up

In 2023, 57% of the average health system’s operating budget was spent on labor. Organizations spend $51,000 for every RN that turns over. Workforce shortages and high turnover rates are the biggest drivers of unsustainable health system labor costs.

Nurse managers are key to solving many of the challenges facing health systems and are the linchpin of quality healthcare. Yet, nurse managers are responsible for completing 24.3 hours of work for every eight-hour shift, leaving little time and space for brainstorming and solving problems outside of daily demands.

With a primary focus on accurately measuring nurse management workload, the partnership between AONL and Nursing Catalyst will give you data to understand the factors disproportionately contributing to nurse manager workload to make smart investment decisions that alleviate overload. As a result, nurse managers will be afforded more time and space to focus on what truly matters, leading to lower labor costs, reduced burnout, increased retention, and more.

The Nursing Catalyst Span-of-Control Tool for Frontline Clinical Leaders

Inspired by the original Ottawa Hospital 2005 validated tool, The Nursing Catalyst Span-of-Control Tool for Frontline Clinical Leaders helps nurse executives assess the total scope of responsibility for leaders overseeing inpatient areas of service.

Our work alongside AONL gives nurse leaders like yourself a chance to enact real change in your unit by having data to discern where innovation and change are needed most.

Measurable workload variables include, for example:

Risk management

Hours of operation

Number of new hires

Material management

FMLA usage

And much more

We Hear You

As a nurse leader, it’s common for you to feel overwhelmed in your line of work at times, but it’s crucial to remember that you aren’t alone. Our team at Nursing Catalyst understands that collaborating with nurse leaders and providing support to spur innovation is the best route toward positive change.

What is Nursing Catalyst?

Nursing Catalyst stimulates successful partnerships with system CNEs and site system leaders as we enable you with the insights to navigate strategic, disruptive solutions to enterprise challenges that powerfully reimagine the field of nursing.

We deliver data and novel insights on emerging clinical technologies, innovations, and opportunities, facilitating differentiated ROI and advancing smart, informed investment decisions. ​

Working with the Nursing Catalyst program includes:

Consolidated research to help gain executive support

Access to a community of nurse leaders like you, looking to enact positive innovations

Effective solutions to modern system challenges in nursing

And much more

Nursing Catalyst assembles forward thinking, cutting-edge research and facilitates dynamic, cross-system conversations that alter tomorrow’s field of nursing.

Nurse Executives, You're Invited!

Nurse Executives are invited to join The Health Management Academy for an elevated evening in celebration of the AONL 2024 Annual Conference at Broussard’s Restaurant and Courtyard in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nurse executives can expect to join their peers for a one-of-a-kind experience socializing, networking, and enjoying meaningful conversation at one of the finest establishments the French Quarter has to offer.

THMA and AONL Benner 2024

Who is The Health Management Academy?

For the past 25 years, The Health Management Academy has been hard at work supporting changemakers throughout many aspects of the healthcare industry. We empower dedicated professionals in health to make their ideas become a reality while giving them the tools they need to succeed in the foreseeable future.

What makes our approach unique is our focus on executive leadership, partnership, community, and health system exclusivity. Our tools and educational material can be adapted to many angles of the healthcare industry, and we have a long track record to prove it. Overall, we are here to power our community to drive health forward.

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