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The Health Management Academy provides strategic resources, valuable insights, and exclusive convening opportunities for C-suite executives at health systems like yours. Through focused conversation on key issues, peer-generated insights across shared strategic priorities, world-class healthcare intelligence, and an environment that is curated to continually inform leading edge health systems, The Health Management Academy provides solutions to the most pressing challenges of today’s health system leader.

Fostering Partnerships in the Health Systems Market

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AI Catalyst

AI Catalyst is a groundbreaking collaborative that empowers health system executives outside of IT to harness the transformative power of AI. 

We equip executives with the essential tools of AI literacy, strategy, and governance, enabling them to make informed financial and strategic decisions that drive clinical and operational efficiencies. 

By fostering a shared fluency in AI across the C-suite, AI Catalyst supports a unified, strategic approach that helps health systems remain at the forefront of innovation in the face of ever-rising costs, workforce shortages, and patient access challenges. 

Nursing Catalyst

A national nursing incubator accelerating innovation across Health Systems, Nursing Catalyst guides the system CNE and site CNO through rapid innovation in nursing strategy and daily operations.

Research-Backed Innovation Collaborative for System CNEs & Nursing Leadership Teams:

Bringing together Nursing Executives to drive innovation across system-wide nursing and clinical care delivery strategies in regular, facilitated, research-backed discussions that explore emerging topics related to workforce design and disruptive technologies.

Cross-System Idea Labs for Nurse Managers:

Engaging high-potential Nurse Managers for nine-month, collaborative sprints focused on trialing creative solutions to common challenges. Through virtual and in-person conversations with a national network of peers, participants are given space to push their thinking, implement a test of change, and drive innovation in their system from the ground up.

Strategy Catalyst

Your guide to leading health system site-of-care transformation, Strategy Catalyst provides the necessary insight, data, and analysis for ambulatory excellence. 

Just-in-Time Market Intelligence: Strategy-focused analysis on market-moving events, including implications for health systems.

Innovation and Care Model Assessments: Comprehensive case studies from early adopters that analyze emerging business models and demonstrate the art of the possible.

Patient Access Benchmarking: Annual benchmarking to understand the state of access across crucial points in the care continuum.

Health Equity Alliance

A peer-based collaborative of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Executives to accelerate impact and innovation, the Health Equity Alliance is a cooperative of progressive health systems partnering to drive results and measure impact in advancing health equity across their communities.

The Health Management Academy’s member cooperatives jointly address the most vexing challenges and opportunities in healthcare. Our partnership programs specifically focus on the development of new ventures, increasing health equity, and informing health policy.

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The Health Management Academy’s supports Chief Physician Executives and Chief Financial Officers as you cultivate innovation and chart a course to excellence while gaining exposure to industry-wide and cross-functionality insights that differentiate your leadership.


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Resources and Insights

Resources and Insights

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